I am a Laramie Wyoming born and raised trail runner, biker, hiker, explorer, creator, and maker who left behind the pronghorn and snowcapped mountains for the California sun and ocean of California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. I entered as a mechanical engineer who was destined to create the next gizmo that would transform the world and left with a BA in a progressive new interdisciplinary degree called Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies with concentrations in Appropriate Technology and Integrated Environmental Design and a minor in Sustainable Environments. After a year of inspiring work for iFixit and a sojourn on the John Muir Trail, my passion and love for public lands and the environment lead me to grad school to pursue a masters in Community and Regional Planning. I’ve spend the past two years calling Eugene Oregon home while studying at the University of Oregon and escaping to snowy volcanoes as often as possible. I graduated in June on 2017 and am currently enjoying a largely carefree summer in finally sunny Eugene.

I place strong value on friendship and community and believe in cultivating both with handmade pizza (which I make a lot), quality French press coffee (which I drink a lot), craft beer (which I spend too much on), games of cribbage (I can teach you), and communal dinners (I like cooking for people).

Find a collection of my writings and trips here, as well as information on trail running in both San Luis Obispo and Eugene.